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Sekaray will work between DMO and Seka

Developments continue in the Sekaray Project, which was prepared by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Tübitak and whose construction cost was undertaken by Tabosan company to be an example to the world. Metropolitan Municipality President Advisor Ömer Polat said that the foundation of the Sekaray project will be laid in September and will be completed within 7 months.


The 2-kilometer Sekaray Project, which is estimated to cost 10 million Euros, will be built between the West Terminal, which is planned to be built on the former DMO land, and the climbing wall in the Sekapark area. Passenger transportation will be carried on a single rail and with an airborne cabin. The rail system that will carry the Sekaray cabin will be 15 meters high in some areas and the lowest point will be 6 meters to the ground. Tabosan company plans to introduce the system, which will be installed for the first time on a two-kilometer track in Izmit, to the world countries later.

Ömer Polat, presidential advisor to the Metropolitan Municipality, said that the monorail system used for public transportation in some countries was brought to the agenda in Izmit in recent months, and that the Sekaray project is basically a monorail system, but this form will be applied for the first time in the world. On the 2-kilometer route between DMO and Sekapark area, there will be 6 different stops. A maximum of 5 passengers can be carried in the cab, which travels on a single rail and does not require a user.

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